The 9th edition of The Climate Control Conference will focus on refrigerants use in the GCC region, especially in the aftermath of the resolution reached at the COP 21 Summit, in December 2015 in Paris. It will examine the strategies the regional governments are evolving to ensure climate change mitigation and the level of preparedness expected of multiple sectors, including hospitality, healthcare, aviation, shopping malls, universities and commercial clusters. The issues are of critical importance for the inventory of existing buildings and new construction in the region, especially in the context of the staging of mega-events in the UAE and Qatar.

Equally important is the need to examine the ramifications of the phase-out of HCFCs (R22, etc.) in 2020 for owners of multiple types of buildings in the UAE. The first question that comes to mind is whether there will be an extension of the deadline or not. In the long-term interest, though, should not building owners be proactive in establishing solutions that will help them align their facilities with the phase-out regime. If yes, what are the opportunities for building owners for safeguarding the environment and for achieving greater energy efficiency? And equally, what are the retrofitting-related opportunities for consultants, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and service-providers?

Unique Format

The Conference will have a unique format consisting of Plenary Addresses, Leadership Addresses, Technical Presentations and a Roundtable Discussion, interspersed by structured audience involvement. The discussions will be fluid and designed in a manner as to enable the participants to present insights and recommendations for documentation and distribution.